Holy Hobby

2015, 60 Death Scenes of Gay/Bisexual Men on T.V


Editing: Eithan Mor

Music: Down, the dirty roof by Dorian Wood 

The Pink Death

The Pink Death is the result of two years of research into the “bury your gays” trope as it is found in contemporary television. The video is a collage of sixty death scenes of gay/bisexual main or recurring characters in TV series, films, and miniseries.

The work raises questions regarding the treatment of minorities by popular media and its effect on society. Seen together, the death scenes reveal the violence inflicted in the name of political correctness and the tragic image of the gay man that has become established since the days of the AIDS epidemic.

At a time when the lines between reality and fiction are blurred to the point of interchangeability, the importance of a fictional character (and its demise) is greater than ever, and can serve as a tool to promote social change. Therefore, fictional characters that represent minority groups that in the normal course of things enjoy relatively little screen time carry great political potential.

In this respect, the devastatingly large number of dying gay/bisexual characters is an indication of the unwillingness of the media (and its consumers) to accept the integration of non-heterosexual characters who lead non-heterosexual lives into mainstream formats.

The video is accompanied by the song Down, the Dirty Roof by the queer musician and performer Dorian Wood.

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